Star Wars - The Vintage Collection(2010-2012)




Hi, my name is Peter, and I am from Denmark. I have the complete collection of the Star Wars - The Vintage Collection.


I spent about 3-4 years collecting it all, and have bought from all over the world. It has been a struggle, to collect items in as good as possible condition, and it has been very expensive in import taxes, shipping fee's and so on. But it was worth it :)


Most of the figures from VC01-VC115 are unpunched and all are in good or excellent condition.

My list shows which ones, that are punched/unpunched.


There's more than 160 figures in the VC01-VC115 series, including different variants such as all the "FOIL" versions and so on. It's worth mentioning, that I have also have double up of the figures from both the Death Star(except from VC066 Salacious Crumb and VC067 Mouse Droid) and double up of the figures from the "Lost Line" Carbon Freeze Chamber(Except from Jar Jar Carbonite)


All the vehicles are there as well.


I will use this website to display photos of all the items, and include a list of all the items in the collection.


Here's some links for more information about the items: +